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Rio track pads are specially made of heavy-duty premium materials to increase undercarriage traction safety and performance standards of steel-tracked crawler equipment and protect sensitive foundations prone to damage by heavy equipment.



  • Excavators

  • Trenchers

  • Road Milling & Paving Equipment

  • Customized General Construction Equipment Utilizing Steel-Tracks



™ BTS track-pads bolt direct onto existing steel track shoes for the most secure fastening strength.

Installation is quick, easy, and most economical. Steel track shoes always stay on your machine.

Choose Rio™ industrial-grade premium rubber for maximum traction safety performance on severe pavement grades, slippery foundations and anywhere undercarriage load-bearing endurance is most critical.



Rio™ BTC roadliner track-pads bolt directly to the undercarriage track-chain in a 1-Piece integrated pad/shoe design for standard OEM pad replacements.

Available in black and custom colored polyurethane for skid-sensitive surfaces. Recommended for standard no-load / low-load and stand-alone equipment.
  • CLIP ON  -  (CO)

    Rio™ CO track-pads bolt onto existing steel track shoes from the sides, laterally for temporary or light-duty use requirements on no-load / low-load and stand-alone equipment.


  • Heavy-Duty Premium Rubber  –   Maximizes undercarriage traction, machine vibration absorption, and protects equipment operators against accidental electrical grounding on live-utility worksites.
  • Polyurethane -  For standard undercarriage traction requirements.


When the winning contractor got the green-light to replace the full-depth and length of the main runway and adjacent tarmac at a major New York airport, the deadline to finish on-time was absolute, there would be no second chances to get it right. They needed a team that clearly understood the traction requirements of their cold-milling planers. - They chose us.


When a railroad contractor needed a solution that would allow their 15-ton excavators to safely climb steep gravel embankments and cross over railroad tracks without damaging the rails. - They chose us.

When a seizmic engineer was brought on-site to evaluate the potential damage to adjacent historical buildings from heavy crawler excavators working nearby, they needed to significantly reduce the amount of equipment shock and vibration that would be transmitted to the ground. - They chose us.

When an OEM needed a solution that would increase the undercarriage traction of their equipment beyond what their standard polyurethane pads could provide. - They chose us.

Any reference herein to OEM branded machinery and/or equipment is for informational purposes to depict TYPES of equipment our products can support and does not imply that we are an approved supplier of any specific OEM described. For information regarding specific OEM brands which we do supply, please contact us directly.

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  • • Asphalt Milling Machines
  • • Asphalt & Concrete Pavers
  • • Excavators


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